Wednesday, August 31, 2016

415 Media In and Out; KPIX In: Jessica Flores; KTVU Out: Brian Flores off to Seattle

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Jessica Flores
  IN -- Jessica Flores: KPIX --General Assignment Reporter

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Brian Flores
OUT:  Brian Flores (no relation)--(off to Seattle to the Fox Station; last day, Sept. 16) Another blow to KTVU where more and more anchors and reporters are getting out.

NOTES: Jessica Flores does know what the Golden Gate Bridge looks like.


  1. I have no problem with Brian Flores's exit....not a real bright guy.. you can count (5) at least times during his report that he will say "as well" I think he thinks it makes him sound smart... Good Luck Seattle..he loves to kiss a--

  2. Whats in at KRON? A pro Trump stance. For no bay area reason,they are carrying a live Trump anti Hillary speech from of all places,Arizona.
    Along with stringing together stories of African Americans caught on tapes committing crimes it seems that KRON has decided the economic best way to make money in news is to slant to the right in the liberal bay area.
    More why Sports Director is hanging on years and years past being competent. Now,only if he was into country music KRON wouldn't keep cutting his salary every four years..

  3. I stop watching KTVU evening news after seeing Frank and Julie a few times doing the weekend evening news. I still like watching Gasia in the morning hours. Her bright smile just brighten up my day.

  4. After seeing JF in Socal and PHX...and after reading that PIX bio , all I have to say is what a fluff piece .

  5. Brian leaving KTVU is an UPGRADE. He should take Sal with him.

  6. Oh, look, another young woman for Roberta to hate because she's younger, prettier, cheaper. Get ready, Jessica! It's going to feel like 6th grade all over again!

  7. Was this KPIX hire supposed to cover up the Train Wreck of a Traffic Anchor??

  8. Brian Flores is a very good reporter and anchor. He's the ONLY person who can do traffic besides Sal. How not surprising and typical the person who can't stand Flores doesn't like Sal either. I will miss him. He and Pam Cook were great together.

  9. Jessica looks like she's 10 years old on the air.