Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Peace and Tranquility at KGO-TV (For Now)

 While a certain amount of Upheaval is prevalent almost  everywhere else a relative Peace and Tranquility at KGO-TV (ABC7) --Lead anchors Dan Ashley and Ama Daetz enjoy winning chemistry and consistent ratings.

"There's a symmetry here like I've never seen before,"says a veteran producer.

"Of course I've probably just jinxed everything."

Yeah, not so fast.


  1. The only anchors I'll watch. I've said it for sometime now - Ama is one of the most beautiful and photogenic newscasters currently on the local networks. She's comes off like a down-to-earth, approachable person and she manages to abstain from all the inane, blathering, off-the-cuff small talk that dominates most all other newscasts.
    Gorgeous skin, radiant eyes, seemingly lovely personality, smart. What more could you ask for?

    Oh yeah, Ashley's pretty good too.

  2. She's more than good..she's top notch. Its seamless when she goes from Larry Beil to Dan. That's not easy since them two have far different styles.
    Plus, she has a great chestal area.Not a blemish on her. Must be clean living...

  3. Really hope KGO knows what it has with Ama. Don't know what she's really like off camera or if there's any dirt, but I assume her "Q" rating or whatever they call it, is high. She's irreplaceable as far as I'm concerned. I imagine she could write her ticket to just about any other major market, but she's a Bay Area girl and probably wants to stay here. Kinda beats Fresno duzznit!?

  4. I agree that Daetz is attractive and doesn't indulge in nonsense, but she still shows youth in her mispronunciation of words - that should be fixed in time. She's very good - I would bet she moves on to bigger things.

  5. She is the Kate Kelly of this decade.