Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dana King Path Back To Bay Area TV Airwaves Isn't Limited To KPIX; Other Stations Might Be Interested; CBS Radio Lays Off Hundreds; So Far KCBS Not Affected; Thursday Opener

 AS I'VE BEEN REPORTING --HERE, EXCLUSIVELY, Dana King is ready to return to the Bay Area TV airwaves, if not KPIX, then perhaps another station in town.

While the local news sites have ignored the story, other media platforms have taken notice, like this respected site.

And this one too.

King herself has not spoken on the record but I've spoke to sources close to the ex-TV journalist who tell me that King is "itching" to get back to the news business and become a primary anchor and reporter if, and it's a big if, "the stars align."

Presumably, in those starts aligning, would involve money. King was making roughly $500K when she left KPIX in December, 2012. By all measures, she'd most certainly have to work under considerably less compensation, possibly in the $300-$400K salary area but, I'm told, money would not be a factor, although King isn't going to work for chickens either.

Another potentially big issue is where she would be positioned? KPIX has Allen Martin and Veronica De La Cruz as part of their early 5 and 6PM newscasts. The ratings are not that good. 11 PM has Ken Bastida working with Elizabeth Cook. PIX's 11 news has higher numbers than the early evening but no where near KGO-TV which dominates the Bay Area TV News slot at 11.

King could alternate between 5 and 11 PM. She has the NAME recognition and loyal following that would provide an instantaneous bump in viewership. Bruno Cohen, the GM of KPIX, and News Director, Dan Rosenheim, would have to oversee and approve of such a monumental re-union, both practically and logistically and there are numerous roadblocks to such a maneuver but nothing impossible. The question is whether Cohen would go over Rosenheim to make the move if Rosenheim balked. NY sources back at CBS told me directly that CBS O and O execs are aware of the King situation and plan to speak to their San Francisco management.

Even if PIX were to balk, I can think of at least two Bay Area stations that would entertain the idea of hiring a well-known, popular, woman anchor who has star power and immense respect throughout the industry, not to mention a loyal fan base chief among them White Men, Blacks, Hispanics and Gay and LGBT, important viewer constituencies in diverse Bay Area households.

As they say, stay tuned. This is only the beginning.

*CBS Radio has made hundreds of layoffs nationwide. So far, KCBS, the top-rated CBS radio O and O in the Bay Area has not been hit but that could change soon. Most of the layoffs involve non on-air positions but corporate CBS has been flirting with the idea of selling its radio division to pump much-needed revenue into less profitable divisions like books and publishing. In any case the word on the street is dire.

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  1. I really don't get the fascination with Ms. King. I never cared for her presentation on the occasions I tuned in to KPIX for news when she was on, nor do I or did I find her attractive. Now, she may not be as annoying as Heather Holmes, but I don't get the big deal with Dana King.

    1. Just another proven example of Cohen & Rosenheim running SF Media & the minorities therein.

    2. I stopped watching channel 5 once Dana left...which is how I found Dan Ashley and Ama Dietz the best team in the bay area. However. if Dana were to return I'd definitely tune in.
      I miss her professionalism and that lovely face.

  2. This has fizzled out. There will be no bidding war for Dana King. Word is she floated the trial balloon, but it's doubtful anyone will pay what she wants.
    This was even floated to WCBS who could also use a good shot in the arm.

    If she really wants to return to TV she will need to start Facebooking, Twittering,Instagram etc. Ditch the rotary phone also.

    Not Gonna Happen.

  3. Why the pimping for Dana King again, now? She didn't rock the needle before. Granted, KPIX fell off the edge with the creation of "Nightbeat - Gaaaame Onnnn!" with VDLC, which as also pimped here for days on end. It was and is a disaster. Move on. There's "breaking noise" at KCBS Radio and KGO. Not to mention, big shake up at ESPN (buh-bye Keith Olbermann, again,) and more.

  4. "While the local news sites have ignored the story,..."

    I'm sure if she lands somewhere it will be reported by local news, because it will be news.
    Until then why report a rumor?

  5. I liked Dana's work, but one long and emotional goodbye is enough (from anyone).

  6. would love to have Dana back on air! a proven entity who will bring a backlog of fans back with her.

  7. When was the last time you saw a female news anchor with gray hair?

    Dana had her share of extreme hairstyles. I remember when Dana went natural, a big deal was made about it, but it just told me she was no longer interested in competing with the others. And then she did leave.

  8. Dan used to be married to Lyndon King, who played linebacker with the Raiders briefly in the early 1990s. He was later a football coach at Drake High over in Marin. Not sure why they split up but I'm guessing it was partly because of two very strong personalities.

    That can make a relationship between a man and a woman very challenging as many know.

    Dana is probably like a lot of folks out there; wondering if they shouldn't have stuck it out in their careers for awhile longer. But she got out when she was still at the top of her game. Perhaps she's thinking about getting back in, and this is why Rich is constantly talking about how great it would be to see her back on the air.

    Given the endless parade of young faces coming and going we've seen in local TV news over the last 15 years, is it any surprise why we yearn for someone who is a little more credible and experienced and familiar?

  9. I like the younger faces. After all they just read the prompter.
    This applies to male as well as female.