Wednesday, September 13, 2017

KTVU's 'The Nine' Needs a Lot of Help; Fox Agrees; Gasia Mikaelian Directive: Tone it Down; KGO-TV Senior Staff Embarrassed (Still) at Morons Aqui and Zouves; 415 Media Lunchtime Inside Buzz

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There's been a sort of policy sea change at FOX-owned KTVU; a senior management suit with mucho influence at the Oakland O and O wants more subtlety --still lots of gusto but a lot less flash and dash.

The management official's first directive was to tweak KTVU's meager "The Nine", which lacks news and mostly concentrates on lighter issues. It's a mixed bag of interviews, cooking segments, and some heavy-duty chatter between guests and anchor and anchor and anchors. The results of 2's light-hearted fare from 9 AM -10 AM, have been fairly poor. It gets hammered by the Today Show and only has paltry numbers overall.

Its anchors-- Gasia Mikaelian, Mike Mibach, and Sal Castaneda, take part in a mostly frivolous hour that lacks very much on substance and seems to want to attract suburban moms at home in Walnut Creek. There's nothing wrong with that missive but these guys on The Nine haven't hit pay dirt. In fact, they fail miserably. 

Image result for ktvu the nineThe show's premise is OK but in order to pull off a successful venture on a long-term basis you must have viewer/anchor comfort factor. And a whole lot of variables and good luck too. "The Nine" hasn't built up any reservoir of good will because its talent hasn't earned a viewer bond. The main problem in that aspect falls squarely on Mikaelian, who comes off as uber-superficial and out of touch. It's this thing called credibility and trust. Mikaelian is fine as an anchor but her consistent, over-the-top, histrionics are an embarrassment not only to her, but KTVU as well. Viewers are hesitant to watch and the few that do haven't warmed to The Nine's chirpy, ridiculous Gasia. It's become almost farcical. Castaneda is OK as a segment host but Mikaelian's antics overwhelm both he and Mike Mibach. The Nine isn't interesting too and both its males seem like afterthoughts to Mika's daily fool act. Of course, yes, its FOX but even FOX has standards.  

To that end, FOX/Oakland officials have tried to "soften" Nine's variables. Mikaelian has been told to "tone it down" and become more "sedate" and "stately." Whatever that means, but I gather she's been asked to knock off the giggling, camera mugging and endless chatter. It's not so much an ultimatum as it is a directive to improve the program and help gather some momentum to make the show more straight and watchable. Even if they can accomplish such a feat, there's no guarantee of success. KTVU seems hellbent on as much news as possible (which brings in gargantuan revenue) but The Nine is hardly a breadwinner and unlike "Mornings on Two", it lacks coherent structure and direction.

Mikaelian's garish behavior modification can't hurt. Less hairspray and giggles; more substance and straightforward assembly. Gees, what a concept.

Image result for reggie aqui natasha zouves*Over at KGO-TV (ABC7) the BIG topic other than the Heather Ishimaru lawsuit settlement is the continued, ongoing, DISGUST amongst senior staff of morning anchors, Reggie Aqui and to a lesser extent, Natasha Zouves

Aqui is the main instigator and his outlandish behavior seems to has caused deep resentment inside KGO's newsroom.

A source with direct knowledge tells me Aqui's sophomoric act gets worse everyday and causes much friction between himself and others.

"Look, he's destroyed our credibility and news rep. It's horrendous and despicable and he seems not to care one iota. We do."

The source continued.

"We don't give a shit about his personal life. It's his business." "But when he acts like an ass on the set and to his colleagues, there's a problem."

Aqui had a months-long feud a while back with co-anchor and sometimes enabler, Zouves. The feud is apparently over, at least for now although Zouves is still not exactly warm and fuzzy with Reggie.

Neither is KGO senior staff. Making matters worse, ratings for ABC7's morning show are awful and already there's talk of a major overhaul for the fall.


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  1. Define "Senior" for discount purposes... :)

  2. If you have to ask, Crescent Park, then you aren't a senior. Thanks Rich.

    1. I don't know, the kids at the Regal GodItsSoHugeiplex give me the senior discount on sight, so... :)

  3. "Viewers are hesitant to watch"

    I know quite a few people who watch "The Nine" as well as Darya and company on KRON in the mornings. I don't know where you get your "sources", Rich, but man oh man you always seem to have a an axe to grind. I feel you're out of touch with the viewing public in the Bay Area.

    As far as your constant shots at "suburban moms in (insert white enclave here)", who else do you think is even home during the day to watch these shows? Stay at home moms and retired folks. And Stan. The rest of the Bay Area is busy working and going to school and trying to eek out a living.

    1. He's out of touch. My friend, you are clueless. Go get your Pumpkin Spice Bag of Dicks at Starbucks and walk the streets of San Francisco looking down at your smart phone.

  4. Looking at that childish picture with Reggie and Natasha proves one point, KGO MORNING NEWS cannot be trusted. Immature reporters trying to target the young mid age audience just don't give a crap about morning news, adults and seniors are the most watched morning news audience. Both reporters are not experienced working at KGO to even qualify to be the morning anchors. Reggie worked for CNN, but the girl, less than 10 years of reporting experience. In Fall 2014 or 2015 I forgot the exact year, the ND already tried to over promote Natasha placing her with Dan Ashley a few nights replacing Ama during prime time News. WTF, a new inexperience anchor teaming up with long time reporters just to greet viewers, so sad for those long time female reporters like Katie, Lisa Amin or Reporter Kim never had that chance teaming up with Dan Ashley, but a new girl just hired to report on prime time, if there is connnection, no big surprised!

  5. I would have people would have been more disgusted at Zouves rather than Aqui. Maybe they should replace her with Jessica Castro.

    1. Everybody loves Natasha...

      Even you.

  6. I can't eat chili, it makes me throw up.

  7. Ever notice that Gasia always wear same dress each day? Only different color. Does she get clothing allowance or even advice on her drab ass wardrobe?